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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. It is a national day of celebration without the mention of Jesus and the only day religious people dress up as their counterparts and ask for something besides money. I look forward to Halloweens arrival every year and the joy it brings. This year was no different. We invited friends over for fun and games and to help pass out candy to the kids. The wife ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut Delivery to add to the festivities. Everyone was having a good time and everything was going great until the Pizza Hut delivery guy showed up. He had approached the front door with the pizzas when he suddenly placed the pizzas on the porch and went back to his car to retrieve something else. We thought for sure it was the cheese sticks he had forgotten, so the wife and I went back to entertaining guests and let our teenage daughter deal with the forgetful pizza guy. Imagine our horror (and embarrassment) when she brought in our pizzas and a brand new unopened paperback version of the Here’s Hope Holy Bible (King James Version). The Pizza Hut delivery guy had just delivered two large pizzas and a copy of the holy bible! Holy Shit! My whole day was ruined and so was my appetite. A hate crime was committed against me on my favorite day of the year and there is no way in fuck that the religious zealot who perpetrated this crime will ever have to face charges for it. I’m sure if an Atheist were doing something similar, there would be blood in the streets. I feel violated.
Since it happened over the weekend, I have not spoken with the pizza guy’s employer yet. I will call on Monday and see what that response is. Any Guesses?
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