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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Facing the fallout
Area Episcopal leader Jerry Lamb hopes to heal divisions over a gay bishop
By Jennifer Garza -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PST Saturday, November 15, 2003
The Sacramento Bee is at it again. They seem to run feature stories on the same religion about one week apart, lay low for a week, then change religions and do it again. As I ranted about earlier with the articles on the evangelicals, the paper is reporting mindless stories simply to promote religion. I don’t think anyone is editing this dribble. The story rants about how Episcopal Bishop Jerry Lamb is facing fallout from supporting the consecration of a gay priest. They had just printed an article on the Episcopal Church on 11/9/03 about building an eyesore church in midtown Sacramento. The customary mention of the need for divine funding was not so subtly stated in that article also. These issues may be news for godidiots, but I could give a shit. These hypocrites say one thing and do another. For instance: They say:
"If individual parishes start down the path of making their own decisions of what to support and what not to support, then we start to tear down what it means to be a diocesan community and part of a national church."
How in the hell do they think they got to be the church they are today? How about all the first, orthodox, un-orthodox, reformed, and so on spin offs? Wake up all you godidiots. They are lying to your face. Then they say:
“Soft-spoken and friendly, Lamb has the manner of a kindly grandfather. A former Roman Catholic priest, Lamb left the church and married. During this time, he worked as a parole officer. But he once again felt the call to ministry, became an Episcopal priest and served in Oregon before coming to Sacramento.”
He is a former Roman Catholic priest. Former as in he did not believe in what the church said, so he left the priesthood, married (natural urges beat out God), and got a real job. That for a while was admirable, then he had the call to minister again (damn telemarketers), and now he is up to living and propagating lies again for a living. Then he says:
"These are people I love and respect, and it's a heavy weight knowing that they are unhappy," says Lamb. "It has saddened me, but I think we have to find some way to work this out. I don't want anyone to leave the church -- even one person is a great loss."
This quote is from a former catholic priest who left the priesthood. Did the Catholics not loose one here? Is he saying one thing and doing another? Did this very man not take a vow of celibacy and faithfulness to the Roman Catholic Church? Did he not break those vows and leave the church? And how about those Episcopal? They elect a former Roman Catholic Priest for their bishop and cry foul when he goes against the church. The red flag was there when the resume said former Roman Catholic priest. Did they think former meant reform?

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