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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Religion makes the front-page of the Sacramento Bee. Did the Pope die? No. Was there a miracle performed? No. How about another stupid church burning? No. What was it you ask?
With the recall vote near and the Iraq situation still ongoing, the editors think that a story on a new church opening is worthy of a front-page cover story. Covering over a third of the front page, with color pictures and a big bold headline " Big On Faith", the story is about a new church (Adventure Christian Church) opening in the city of Roseville (an upscale community north of Sacramento that tried to get creationism taught along side evolution in science classes).
How this story is worthy of front-page placement (or any placement other than in advertising) is incomprehensible. It's not like it's fresh or relevant news. The Bee recently ran a similar story on the Rock Church. Both are described as state-of-the art and seat large numbers. Both are non-denominational and charismatic. Both had trouble with and caused concern for nearby residents. Both take in huge numbers at the collection plate ($ 80,000 a week for Adventure Church). Both have pastors that never thought they would lead a church this big (however, they were both in on the planning). I'm not seeing Front-Page story here. The real story would be a full accounting of the approximately $ 3,840,000 dollars the Adventure Church rakes in yearly (collection plate only) on it's 42 acre, 12.3 million dollar, state-of the-art facility. Perhaps a story about the church's pastor who stated he nearly left the ministry after his first church experience left him feeling unfulfilled (didn't provide enough income is my guess). Now he heads a multi-million dollar enterprise (I'm guessing he's feeling fulfilled now). A better story would have been how Sacramento's hungry and homeless people feel about why god won't build them a multi-million dollar campus with plasma TV's, Nordstrom like free clothing, and a coffee shop.
Speaking of the Pope, The Bee had an article about a Cardinal in the church finally admitting that the Pope is on his last legs. They stated that the Catholics could no longer mince words about the Pope's upcoming date with death. The Catholics are admitting the obvious after denying it for years? Now that is front-page news.
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