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Sunday, September 21, 2003

More religious hype from the Sacramento Bee.
From Religion & Ethics section: Front Page lead story
It seems Sacramento has a new Buddhist priest. He is from Japan and holds a minor in biology. He does not speak English (services are held in English), however, he is taking classes at the community college. He’s expected to be ready for English services in about six months. What purpose did this huge article (complete with color pictures) serve other than to promote religion?
This was buried deep in the paper:
Catholic Church sues Spanish Church (Church of the Faithful) for fraud. Is that calling the kettle black? They must be hemorrhaging money after those recent sex abuse settlements. Their complaint is that the Spanish church is conducting catholic services without being affiliated with the Catholic Church. They are afraid money that is given to this church (by people who may think it is a catholic church) is not going to the Catholic Church. The charge should be con-game infringement at best. It is scary to see the Catholics evolving into a litigious group.
Also buried inside:
Man uses religion as excuse for child abuse. It appears he convinced some other people as well that it was O.K. to abuse kids in the name of religion. The article had a few more lines and that was it. No color pictures, no slap in the face like the Buddhist Priest article.
Today scene section provides:
Schooled in Tradition (headline/feature article)
Religious Beliefs passed down in ways formal and informal.
I mean this article is really stupid. Talk about stating the obvious. It has no business in the scene section. The article states that some parents want their kids to learn the fundamentals of their beliefs (I guess they are too stupid or hypocritical to do it them selves). The article states that the children learn by watching their parents (monkey see/monkey do), by being made to go to religious school ( forced indoctrination/brainwashing), and by peer pressure (monkey feel intimidated / monkey does). Once again, full color pictures, big spread, feature story. Why? Why? Why?
Why was this article given so much attention when serious problems like the abuse and fraud charges are hidden in the middle of the paper?

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