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Supporting Militant Atheism if it takes every God damned dime organized religion has

Sunday, September 07, 2003

I am going to search for info (legal and financial) on how to set up a church to get the tax breaks and other benefits. Simply being non-profit is not the same as being a church. The clergy also get privileges. It will be like same sex marriages, they won’t want atheists to have the same benefits they do.
Every Friday when our congregation gathers for our weekly billiards play (required as part of our service to our beliefs), we could get a tax credit for the beer and munchies we donate (allowing us to meet more often ). As clergy, we can donate our salaries to the church then get them back as expenses. We can elaborately decorate the pool room (church) and take the donation / expense. Maybe we can organize other atheist churches (Christians are always trying to say atheism is a religion). Maybe take our non-profit, tax free, faith based money and support atheist causes.
Ideally, we could fund charitable causes because they further the species ( no strings attached) and demonstrate the fact that you don't need religion to help mankind or to be kind to man.
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