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Supporting Militant Atheism if it takes every God damned dime organized religion has

Sunday, August 24, 2003

This weeks issue of "Religion & Ethics" in the Sacramento Bee newspaper was mostly a plug for book written by an ex leader & organizer of protests dating back to the 70's. Nothing really about ethics and zip about religion. However the usual free religious plugs are sprinkeled throught the paper.
Todays rant will be about an article in todays sunday edition. It seems that congress is set to approve tax breaks for everyone to incourage donations to faith based charities. Bush, having failed in his other blatant attempts to fund faiths, is trying an end arround to get his wish,. Sponsored by the republicans, they have included a little provision for foundations to be mandated to spend more than the 5% they are reguired to do now. Mo Money! Mo Money.
I wrote a little satirical letter to the editor the last time they published an article about government support for faith based charities. For some reason they did not print it. I will print it here.
Subj: Letter To The Editor
Date: 12/14/02 8:08:06 PM Pacific Standard Time

RE: Bush bypasses Congress and signs Faith Based Agreement
We, as a faith based organization, applaud Bush's decision to circumvent congress and the American public to approve our access to government dollars. With access to government funds to cover approved programs, we may be able to save tens of thousands of our own dollars allocated for these programs and reallocate them. Using these reallocated dollars, We can now try to fund a wide variety of UN-approved programs. Most of these programs are outrageously biased against those who are not enlightened and never would be allowed under current guidelines. We might never be able to finance these programs were it not for the faith and courage of Bush to take matters into his own heart and hands. Utilizing free money and some creative financing, every church and faith based group can better afford to spread their beliefs to the unenlightened over and over and over again until they are enlightened. What a wonderful governmental endorsement of the blessing of tax dollars.
Seasons Greetings,

Founders of:
The Church of the Most Enlightened Buddha B'nai Baha'i Reformed Benevolent Orthodox Twice Removed Zororaster Brothers of Latter Day Interdenominational Good Shepherds of the Immaculate Pentecostal Apostles of the Jesus Christ Sisters of the Sacred Blood of the Protestant Evangelical Presbyterian Worshipers of the First Baptist Daoism Temple of Islamic Sikhs of Hinduism for the Taoism of the Jehovah Religious Order of the Confused Methodist for the Jewish Salvation of the Muslim Missionary Sect of the Episcopalian Rainbow Coalition of Troth Druids for the Branch Davidians, Wiccans, and Other Mythological or Illogical Man Made Ideas that may Evolve into Power over the Constitutional Freedom of Atheism and the Pure Separation of Church and State

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