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Supporting Militant Atheism if it takes every God damned dime organized religion has

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The reason I mention the local paper in my rules are two fold. The first is to give some regional perspective on my rants ; The second is to inform the reader of the source of most of my indegestion.
Mainly, I object to the continual bombardment of free press legitimizing religion. Many people read a newspaper and believe everything they read. Yes! Some, mostly christians, believe it all when they read the " Inquirer". Real news aside, The Bee makes a reference of and gives some kind of gratuitous legitimicy to a religion on a daily basis. The Bee does a disservice to all their readers when they allow this to go on. The lessor religions lose because they can't compete with the larger religions and their public relations savy. Atheists lose because all the science, logic, common sense, and physical evidence in the world can't overcome the decades of constant bombardment of religious legitmicy given by the press.
The Sacramento Bee has a weekly section devoted to " Religion and Ethics" (it should be illegal to use those two words together). Last weeks edition did a feature story on the CEO of a local non profit health group. According to the article, the non profit group pays him $800,000.00 a year. He proudly boasts that he is morman and gives his 10% tithe yearly to the church(that's $80,000.00 and one less nurse or skilled employee to serve the sick). With the large newspaper spread and the large salary mentioned, it makes it easier for the gullible to think maybe they could be a morman and do the same. Cha-Ching for the Adventists. Zero for everyone else.
The week before was an article on " The Rock". This is a evangelical church on the front edge of technology the article states. They use computer and projection visuals to enhance a "scripted sermon". At the appropriate cue, the tech will flash a graphic or play effects to push the point home and this makes the church experiance more pleasurable. They mention how the pastor was the force and a leader in using this method. Cha-Ching for evangelicals. Zero for everyone else. What they didn't mention, was that the pastor is selling books and videos on how to set up a church and how to get and maintain decipiles. They also didn't mention that he sells pamplets about how some rock groups put anti-religious comments on their albums that you can only hear when played backwards(backmasking). Okay, atheists get a bone on that one. They also did not mention that he is paid to travel to churches and give seminars on how to use this technology. Cha-ching for the salseman/pastor. Zero for everyone else.
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