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Saturday, August 16, 2003

I would like to state a few ground rules to all whom disagree with anything I have to say.
1. You are not my English teacher and I meant to incorrectly spell each and every word, however, I fucked it up and got some of them correct.
2. When ranting, neither of us will assume the other is stupid for using poor grammer, puncuation, or sentence construction.
3. If you believe in a god, you are stupid.
4. The bible is a book of fiction and cannot be used as a factual source of reference (so don't even try).
5. is the absolute athourity on all religious debates ( so don't even try).
6. If you call me names, I will call you names.
7. Somtimes, Comedy hurts.
8. No offence meant, unless your stupid.
9. The Sacramento Bee is my local newspaper.
10. I ain't a scared.
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