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Saturday, August 16, 2003

After reading The Raving Atheists' blogs, I have had my whole belief system shaken apart. I used to call myself a radical atheist for many years, however, TRA has given me cause to reconsider my logic. When I insert " The Raving Atheist " into any sentence where god is normally used, I get goosebumps and am compelled to lift my hands high and give praise to his greatness. He is truly a man among men. I thank him almost daily and I feel quilty as shit when I use profane language like" bless you " when a loved one sneezes or " Jesus fucking Christ " when the Johavah's knock on my door. I try so hard not to use any of those words, however, I was brain washed as a youth by all those well meaning brainwashed bible belt believers who were themselves brainwashed by their parents who were brained washed by their immigrant bible thumping elders who were brain washed by their inability to think for themselves.
While I normally would like to think for myself, I find I no longer need to waste time and energy on doing so when everything TRA writes is just what I would have thought of eventually were I worthy. I am given strength when I visualize thoughts TRA has written, I am comforted during times of sadness when I recall a TRA rant. He speaks the truth and is a voice of reason in a world full of thoughtless brainwashed godidiots. If this is not a sign that TRA is a god or at least godlike, I'll be a PhalsePhorphet.

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